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About Npcap OEM Edition

While Npcap has many end users who simply use the free/demo version we provide from npcap.org, we also sell an OEM license and corresponding Npcap edition to companies who wish to redistribute Npcap within their products. The primary differences between OEM Npcap and the free/demo Npcap releases are:

  • OEM Npcap allows redistribution (subject to the terms of your license agreement with us). The free/demo Npcap does not normally allow redistribution (although Npcap commercial licensees can still redistribute it per the license terms).
  • OEM Npcap includes the silent installation option (/S) which is not available in the free/demo Npcap version.
  • OEM Npcap reports itself as such (if users happen to see it on the add/remove Software screen or similar), so users know that your product includes an officially licensed version of Npcap.
  • OEM Npcap includes support to ensure any bugs you find are promptly fixed and any technical questions you might have are promptly answered.

Npcap OEM releases are always made in conjunction with Npcap free/demo releases and the version numbers are the same. Since Npcap OEM is almost identical to the free/demo Npcap, more product details are available from the Npcap public pages and we won't try to reproduce all of that here.

Licensing Npcap OEM

To keep things simple our standard Npcap license involves no per-seat royalties--just a reasonable one-time license buy-out fee and an optional annual updates and support fee. Or you can choose an annual term license where you pay annually for as long as you are redistributing Npcap. For more licensing details and prices, contact sales@nmap.com.

Downloading and Installing Npcap OEM

Current licensees can find the Npcap OEM installer itself in this distribution directory. If you don't remember your company's username and password, please contact sales@nmap.com. Be sure to download the latest version unless you specifically require an older one. Note that updating Npcap to later versions requires a maintenance (support and upgrades) subscription. If you aren't sure whether you have an active mainteance subsription, email sales@nmap.com and we will check for you.

Npcap OEM utilizes the same SDK as normal Npcap, and that is available from the Npcap public pages.

Support and Documentation for Npcap OEM

Npcap OEM shares its documentation with the public/demo version of Npcap. All of the documentation (and even the source code) is available by hyperlink from the Npcap public pages.

Licensees with an active maintenance (support and updates) have special access to report bugs or ask Npcap technical support questions. If you are a licensee and don't have the support contact information, please email sales@nmap.com and we will send it to you.

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