First, read our ideas page, general requirements, and application instructions/tips.

Join the mailing list. This list is only for Summer of Code announcements. Discussion of your proposal should be on the mailing list.

Use this template in the "detailed description" section of your proposal.

Basic/Contact Information

  1. Your Name:
  2. Email Address:
  3. Instant messenger names and protocols (if any):
  4. Telephone number (optional):
  5. If you have a URL for your résumé/CV, please list it here:
  6. If you wish to list any personal/blog/LinkedIn/Twitter URLs, do so here:

Project Selection

  1. Top Project Choice (If choosing one from the Nmap ideas page):
  2. Are you willing and able to do other projects instead?


  1. Please describe in a few lines your C/C++ knowledge or experience (if any):
  2. Please describe any Lua, Python, Perl, or other scripting language knowledge/experience:
  3. Please describe any Windows development experience: 
  4. Please describe any UNIX development experience: 
  5. Please describe any Mac development experience:
  6. Please describe any previous Nmap usage experience:
  7. Please describe any previous Nmap development experience:
  8. Please describe any previous Open Source development experience:
  9. If possible, include a link to source code you've written, such as a school or personal project:
  10. Have you participated in any previous Summer of Code projects? If so (and it wasn't Nmap), please describe your projects and experience. Be sure to mention the years involved and the name of your former mentors.
  11. Have you applied for (or intend to) any other 2017 Summer of Code projects? If so, which ones?
  12. How did you learn about Nmap's participation in the Google Summer of Code program?


  1. What school do you attend?
  2. What degree are you pursuing (include the specialty/major)?
  3. How many years have you attended there?
  4. When do you expect to graduate?
  5. What city/country will you be spending this summer in?
  6. How much time do you expect to have for this project?
  7. Please list jobs, summer classes, and/or vacations that you'll need to work around:

Project Proposal

  1. Please describe your proposed project in detail (this is the long answer). Depending on your project idea, you might include design mockups, proof of concept code, example script ideas, expected timeline and milestones, etc.:
  2. Why are you well suited to perform this project? (This can be a long answer too if you don't have a résumé/CV link.)