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File flume-master-info

Script types: portrule
Categories: default, discovery, safe
Download: http://nmap.org/svn/scripts/flume-master-info.nse

User Summary

Retrieves information from Flume master HTTP pages.

Information gathered:

  • Flume version
  • Flume server id
  • Zookeeper/Hbase master servers present in configured flows
  • Java information
  • OS information
  • various other local configurations.

If this script is run wth -v, it will output lots more info.

Use the newtargets script argument to add discovered hosts to the Nmap scan queue.

Script Arguments

max-newtargets, newtargets

See the documentation for the target library.

http.max-cache-size, http.max-pipeline, http.pipeline, http.useragent

See the documentation for the http library.

smbdomain, smbhash, smbnoguest, smbpassword, smbtype, smbusername

See the documentation for the smbauth library.


See the documentation for the unittest library.

Example Usage

nmap --script flume-master-info -p 35871 host

Script Output

35871/tcp open  flume-master syn-ack
| flume-master-info:
|   Version:  0.9.4-cdh3u3
|   ServerID: 0
|   Flume nodes:
|     node1.example.com
|     node2.example.com
|     node5.example.com
|     node6.example.com
|     node3.example.com
|     node4.example.com
|   Zookeeper Master:
|     master1.example.com
|   Hbase Master Master:
|     hdfs://master1.example.com:8020/hbase
|   Enviroment:
|     java.runtime.name: Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment
|     java.runtime.version: 1.6.0_36-a01
|     java.version: 1.6.0_36
|     java.vm.name: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM
|     java.vm.vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc.
|     java.vm.version: 14.0-b12
|     os.arch: amd64
|     os.name: Linux
|     os.version: 2.6.32-220.4.2.el6.x86_64
|     user.country: US
|     user.name: flume
|   Config:
|     dfs.datanode.address:
|     dfs.datanode.http.address:
|     dfs.datanode.https.address:
|     dfs.datanode.ipc.address:
|     dfs.http.address: master1.example.com:50070
|     dfs.https.address:
|     dfs.secondary.http.address:
|     flume.collector.dfs.dir: hdfs://master1.example.com/user/flume/collected
|     flume.collector.event.host: node1.example.com
|     flume.master.servers: master1.example.com
|     fs.default.name: hdfs://master1.example.com:8020
|     mapred.job.tracker: master1.example.com:9001
|     mapred.job.tracker.handler.count: 10
|     mapred.job.tracker.http.address:
|     mapred.job.tracker.http.address:
|     mapred.job.tracker.jobhistory.lru.cache.size: 5
|     mapred.job.tracker.persist.jobstatus.active: false
|     mapred.job.tracker.persist.jobstatus.dir: /jobtracker/jobsInfo
|     mapred.job.tracker.persist.jobstatus.hours: 0
|     mapred.job.tracker.retiredjobs.cache.size: 1000
|     mapred.task.tracker.http.address:
|_    mapred.task.tracker.report.address:


Author: John R. Bond

License: Simplified (2-clause) BSD license--See http://nmap.org/svn/docs/licenses/BSD-simplified

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