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Nmap OEM Edition—Redistribution License

The Nmap Security Scanner is a network discovery tool uses raw IP packets in novel ways to determine what hosts are available on the network, what services (application name and version) those hosts are offering, what operating systems (and OS versions) they are running, what type of packet filters/firewalls are in use, and dozens of other characteristics. and security auditing. It has been continuously developed and improved since the first release in 1997.

Nmap is free for end users, and is trusted by millions of them. But the free Nmap license does not allow redistribution of Nmap with proprietary hardware or software products. For more than 20 years we have funded the project by selling OEM licenses to companies who want to embed Nmap within their products to handle network scanning. All major operating systems are supported, including binary packages for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The Windows package is an exclusive OEM Edition, custom tailored for this purpose with special features such as silent installer.

Top Nmap OEM Redistribution License Features

  • Redistribution rights—The free Nmap license does not allow redistribution or use of Nmap within proprietary hardware or software products, but an Nmap OEM License allows for unlimited redistribution either within a product line or across the whole company's product portfolio.
  • Windows OEM Edition Builds—We provide special builds for OEM customers utilizing the Microsoft Windows platform. These include a silent installer which also silently installs our Npcap OEM Windows library for raw packet capture and transmission. It omits the Zenmap GUI (which licensees almost never need), cutting the installer size by more than half. It also reports itself as Nmap OEM so end-users who notice it on the add/remove Software screen or similar know that it's the officially licensed version of Nmap.
  • Commercial support—Nmap OEM maintenance plans include commercial support to ensure any bugs you find are fixed promptly and all your technical questions answered.
  • Regular updates—Nmap OEM maintenance plans also include update rights so you always have access to the latest releases. We are constantly releasing updates with performance enhancements, bug fixes, and new features you can learn about from our changelog.
  • Continuity—Nmap OEM licensees have a contract guaranteeing the availability and terms for their Nmap OEM usage, while the terms and restrictions for the free Nmap license change from time to time. Licensing revenue also funds continued Nmap development and improvements.

This license is for companies that wish to redistribute or use Nmap within the products they distribute. Folks only wanting to use Nmap themselves or within their organization can already download and use it for free. It is possible that some end-users might still want to buy Nmap OEM for solely internal use. Perhaps they want the silent Windows installer, or commercial support, or just want to help fund the project. If this is the case, please contact sales@nmap.com and we will consider implementing a program similar to our Npcap OEM Internal-Use License.

Nmap OEM releases are always made in conjunction with normal releases and the version numbers are the same. In fact, Nmap OEM licensees on non-Windows platforms (including Linux and Mac OS X) simply use our standard Nmap builds (or build it themselves). A special OEM build isn't really needed for those platforms since those Nmap builds already support silent installation and they have no need for the Npcap Windows driver.

Nmap OEM Licensees may use any Nmap features except for the Zenmap GUI, which is generally not relevant for OEM customers and is stripped out of our Windows OEM builds to reduce installer size. Some of the most valuable features include:

  • Host Discovery—determine which hosts are up and available on the network.
  • Port Scanning—determine which TCP/UDP ports are open.
  • OS Detection—guess the remote operating system and device type based on TCP/IP stack characteristics.
  • Version Detection—interrogate open ports to determine the running protocol, application, and version number if possible.
  • Nmap Scripting Engine—a growing library of more than 500 scripts for enhanced network discovery and vulnerability assessment. For example, it can be used to query windows machines for exact OS or detect dozens of common vulnerabilities.

Our recommended integration approach is to install Nmap on the end-user system using the silent-install feature and then have your application execute Nmap when needed, requesting XML formatted results (-oX) which you would then parse with any XML parser. The license also allows other integration approaches, such as parsing of Nmap's normal output format, processing Nmap data files directly, or even integrating Nmap source code into your application.

Please note that this whole page describes the licenses that we currently sell. Previously sold licenses may have different terms and those are the terms which apply. If you have questions about your specific license, please contact sales@nmap.com.

Licensing Nmap OEM

To keep things simple our standard Nmap license involves no per-seat royalties--just a reasonable one-time license buy-out fee and an optional annual maintenance fee which includes all new Nmap releases as well as commercial support. That maintenance fee never increases as long as you renew it every year. We also offer a term license which includes redistribution rights and maintenance for an annual fee which must be renewed for as long as you are selling new products containing Nmap. The annual term license fee never increases either.

Prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD) based on the size of company buying the license, broken into four tiers. This is because larger companies are usually able to derive more value from Nmap OEM by leveraging it at a greater scale. Larger companies generally cost us more to support as well. Prices are based on the company size at the time they purchase a license, so they don't increase as companies grow.

  • Our Nmap OEM Enterprise Redistribution License is for our largest customers. The perpetual license to use Nmap OEM in a product line or category (which can be fairly broad) costs $57,900, plus an optional annual maintenance fee of $17,370. Or you can prepay 5 years of maintenance for $69,480 (a 20% discount) so you're covered until 2025! The annual term license option (which includes maintenance) costs $31,845/year.

  • Our Nmap OEM Mid-Sized Company Redistribution License provides a discount for mid-sized customers. The perpetual license to use Nmap OEM in all company products costs $47,900, plus an optional annual maintenance fee of $14,370. Or you can prepay 5 years of maintenance for $57,480 (a 20% discount) so you're covered until 2025. The annual term license option (which includes maintenance) costs $26,345/year. To qualify for this license, a company must meet all of these criteria:

    1. 500 or fewer employees
    2. Revenue (not profit) less than US$200 million in most recent fiscal year
    3. If publicly traded, market capitalization must be less than $1 billion
  • Our Nmap OEM Small/Startup Company Redistribution License covers all but the smallest of our customers. The perpetual license to use Nmap OEM in all company products costs US$37,900, plus an optional annual maintenance fee of $11,850. Or you can prepay 5 years of maintenance for $47,400 (a 20% discount) so you're covered until 2025! The annual term license option (which includes maintenance) costs $21,325/year. To qualify for this license, a company must have 50 or fewer employees and no more than US$15 million revenue in the most recent fiscal year.

  • Finally our Nmap OEM Micro-Corp Redistribution License is for fledgling companies which may still be a sole proprietorship or even just an idea in someone's head. The perpetual license to use Nmap OEM in all company products costs US$29,500, plus an optional annual maintenance fee of $8,850. Or you can prepay 5 years of maintenance for $35,400 (a 20% discount). The annual term license option (which includes maintenance) costs $16,225/year. To qualify for this license, a company must have 5 or fewer employees and no more than US$1 million revenue in the most recent fiscal year.

All contracts include a six month trial period during which you can cancel for any reason and receive a full refund of all money paid. We also provide the standard version of Nmap that you can fully test internally before purchase.

The rights Nmap OEM customers enjoy are spelled out in a contract signed by both parties. It includes support, indemnification, warranty, updates, etc. The perpetual license contract template is available here, while the annual term one is here.

Downloading and Installing Nmap OEM

Licensees who wish to use Nmap on Windows should use our special Nmap OEM packages. Each release has a self-installer named nmap-VERSION-setup.exe and a zip package named nmap-VERSION-win32.zip. We recommend packaging the self-installer and then calling it in silent mode during your own installer's execution. This handles upgrades, dependencies (like Npcap and MS Visual C++ redistributable packages), registry setting, and so forth. But the zip option is also available for manual installation. Installation instructions for both package formats are available here.

Even though we have been selling Nmap OEM licenses for more than 20 years, the Nmap OEM Windows builds are a new feature. We are currently sending download credentials to all of our existing Nmap customers with active maintenance plans. If you are a licensee and haven't received yours yet, please mail sales@nmap.com so we can activate your account right away.

The Windows OEM packages can be found in this distribution directory. If you don't remember your company's username and password, please contact sales@nmap.com. Be sure to download the latest version unless you specifically require an older one. Note that updating Nmap to later versions requires a maintenance (support and upgrades) subscription. If you aren't sure whether you have an active mainteance subsription, email sales@nmap.com and we will check for you.

Nmap OEM licenses also include redistribution rights to our Npcap OEM Windows packet capturing and transmission software as long as you are only using it for Nmap. That way you don't need to also buy an Npcap OEM redistribution license unless you want to use Npcap directly from your (non Nmap) software. Npcap OEM is included with our Nmap OEM Windows builds and licensees with Nmap update rights also receive new Npcap OEM versions as they are released. This can be handy in case a licensee wants to ship a newer version of Npcap than the one which comes with Nmap, or if they just want to test new Npcap releases before they are integrated into Nmap. You can download Npap OEM here using your Nmap OEM download credentials.

Licensees distributing our official Linux or Mac OS X binary packages, or those who compile Nmap themselves on any platform, should download the standard version of Nmap instead. We do not currently supply official OEM builds on these platforms because the special features aren't very relevant on those platforms. Licensees may also install Nmap using third-party software repositors (such as using “apt-get nmap” on Ubuntu Linux or “yum install nmap” on Red Hat Linux. Keep in mind that third party software repositories do not always keep their Nmap packages up-to-date. Some of them are frequently years behind the latest Nmap releases.

Support and Documentation for Nmap OEM

The Nmap OEM program is mostly about a different license allowing for redistribution as well as commercial support and other benefits. The software itself is identical on most platforms, and even the special Windows OEM edition only differs in a few small ways such as the silent installer support and Npcap OEM inclusion. So Nmap OEM uses the standard (and extensive) Nmap documentation. The primary documentation is the Nmap book, Nmap Network Scanning, which is now available in its entirety for free online, and also through standard booksellers. There is also an Nmap documentation page with further docs.

Licensees with an active maintenance (support and updates) subscription have special access to report bugs or ask Nmap technical support questions. If you are a licensee and don't have the support contact information, please email sales@nmap.com and we will send it to you.

Purchase Process (Redistribution License)

While we hope to set up an online order form for immediate purchase, we currently have a more manual process. To buy an Nmap OEM license, you or your preferred reseller should send a message to sales@nmap.com with the following information:

  1. Your company name, if it isn't obvious from your email address or email signature. We need the end user company name if you are a reseller.
  2. Which license you want. This depends on your current company size as described here and would be either the Nmap OEM Enterprise Redistribution License, Nmap OEM Mid-Sized Company Redistribution License, Nmap OEM Small/Startup Company Redistribution License, or the Nmap OEM Micro-Corp Redistribution License.
  3. If this is the Enterprise Redistribution License , the license covers a named product line or category (which can be fairly broad). Please include the product line name or category that you are interested in shipping with Nmap OEM. This is not needed for the smaller company licenses since those companies usually have fewer products.
  4. Do you want the perpetual license or the annual term license? Annual renewal of the term license is required every year until you cease redistributing Nmap OEM and notify us of license termination.
  5. If it's a perpetual license, do you want 5 years of updates and support (with the 20% prepayment discount), 1 year of maintenance (with possible renewals later), or no maintenance at all? The annual term license always includes maintenance as part of the annual fee.

Once we receive your request, we will send a contract draft and formal quote with instructions for payment by wire transfer, ACH direct deposit, check, or Paypal. You can pay that directly or begin your company's procurement process for vendor onboarding, purchase order request, etc.

As soon as a contract is signed, we will activate your license and send you the following:

  • Account credentials for you and your team to download current and (if you purchased updates) future Nmap OEM and Npcap releases. We send these to everyone, but they are only needed if you will be shipping Nmap on the Windows OS.
  • Contacts for submitting support requests (assuming you purchased support). Support includes bug reports as well as any technical questions you might have about Nmap.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Nmap OEM Questions

  1. Is maintenance (support and updates) optional?

    For our normal (perpetual) license, maintenance is optional but highly recommended because it extends the perpetual license to include all new versions released during the maintenance period. And Nmap is under very active development. You can read about all of our recent performance improvements, feature enhancements, and bug fixes. Maintenance also includes commercial support whenever you need it as well as priority with new feature requests. And the price never increases as long as you don't let it lapse for more than 120 days.

    For our annual term license, maintenance (including all updates and commercial support) is included along with redistribution rights in the single annual fee (which never increases).

  2. Is the first year of maintenance included in the perpetual license fee?

    No. While we strongly recommend maintenance for the reasons given in the last question, some of our customs choose to decline even the first year of maintenance. Others choose the 5-year prepaid options for a 20% discount. Quoting the license and maintenance costs separately allows customers to buy exactly what they want.

  3. Do you sell through resellers?

    Yes, we are happy to make the sale through your preferred reseller. We regularly work with SoftwareONE, SHI, and dozens of other resellers. Just ask your reseller to contact sales@nmap.com on your behalf with the information requested in Purchase Process.

  4. Since Nmap on Windows requires the Npcap packet capturing software do we also need to buy an Npcap OEM redistribution license to use with Nmap?

    No. All Nmap OEM contracts already include full rights to redistribute Npcap OEM or use it for testing/development as long as Npcap is only being used with Nmap. Npcap is already included with the Windows executable Nmap OEM installer and the Nmap OEM Win32 Zip file. You can also download Npcap OEM using your Nmap OEM credentials as described in the download section.

    Please note that an Nmap OEM license does not confer distribution rights to use Npcap OEM with non-Nmap software. For that you would need the https://nmap.org/npcap/oem/redist.html">Npcap OEM redistribution license, but at least you would receive an existing-customer discount. Please email sales@nmap.com for details.

  5. What if the standard license terms don't work for us?

    Our standard contract terms work for most of our customers. You can find the perpetual license template here, and the annual one here. If you only need a very small change, we may be able to accomodate that quickly. If your legal department wants to make many changes, that may require significant legal review time on our side, and changes which substantially increase our obligations (especially surrounding support and indemnification rights) will increase the license fee too. Major markups are only allowed for the Mid-Sized or Enterprice license sizes. Customers interested in the Small/Startup or Micro-Corp license will have to limit themselves to a very small number of very minor changes (if any), or upgrade to the more expensive license.

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