Welcome to my very basic CanSecWest 2005 presentation page!

The slides are in available in HTML format here. Or you can obtain them in the original MagicPoint format here. If your UNIX box already has the 'mgp' binary installed, just download the tarball, uncompress it (with bzip2), and type 'mgp -o CSW05.mgp'. Otherwise, you can read the .mgp file directly (it is just text) or browse the much prettier rendered HTML.

The special CanSecWest version of Nmap is available as nmap-3.82.2CSW.tar.bz2 or nmap-3.82.2CSW.tgz.

Please note that the CSW version will be obsolete once the next mainstream version of Nmap comes out. So check out the Nmap download page. If that page contains a version number greater than 3.82, install that instead.

Any questions? Feel free to write me at fyodor@insecure.org.