Nmap Graphical Display

If Nmap is going to be called the Network Mapper, perhaps it should be able to generate a map. This Google Summer of Code project (see the Nmap GoogleGrants page) aims to create pretty diagrams of a network from Nmap XML output. It should use fields such as the target OS (OS detection), service and application name (port scanning and version detection), and path information (may include implementing advanced traceroute functionality). You may look at other network visualization projects such as fe3d and Cheops/Cheops-NG for inspiration. This project calls for both excellent coding skills, and expertise in designing aestheticly pleasing and efficient interfaces.

Pretty Pictures

We'll start this requirement doc with everyone's favorite part, the screen shots! Then we get to the nitty gritty.

Here are a few pics from similar existing applications, and ideas sent in by potential SoC students:

From Cheops:

From fe3d:
From Cole Nevins' SoC App:

From Adriano Marques' SoC App:


If you guys think of other important features/requirements for this document, of feel it should be changed in other ways, let me know. Labels such as "should" or "would be nice" denote less-critical features that can be worked on last, while "musts" have to be met unless we agree to make changes. Here are the proposed features and infrastructure requirements for the new Nmap graphical display application: