Runtime Interaction

During the execution of Nmap, all key presses are captured. This allows you to interact with the program without aborting and restarting it. Certain special keys will change options, while any other keys will print out a status message telling you about the scan. The convention is that lowercase letters increase the amount of printing, and uppercase letters decrease the printing. You may also press ‘?’ for help.

v / V

Increase / decrease the verbosity level

d / D

Increase / decrease the debugging Level

p / P

Turn on / off packet tracing


Print a runtime interaction help screen

Anything else

Print out a status message like this:

Stats: 0:00:07 elapsed; 20 hosts completed (1 up), 1 undergoing Service Scan
Service scan Timing: About 33.33% done; ETC: 20:57 (0:00:12 remaining)