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Nmap Network Scanning

Connect Mode Options

-g <hop1>[,<hop2>,...] (Loose source routing)

Sets hops for IPv4 loose source routing. You can use -g once with a comma-separated list of hops, use -g multiple times with single hops to build the list, or combine the two. Hops can be given as IP addresses or hostnames.

-G <ptr> (Set source routing pointer)

Sets the IPv4 source route pointer for use with -g. The argument must be a multiple of 4 and no more than 28. Not all operating systems support setting this pointer to anything other than four.

-p <port>, --source-port <port> (Specify source port)

Set the port number for Ncat to bind to.

-s <host>, --source <host> (Specify source address)

Set the address for Ncat to bind to.

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