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Nmap Network Scanning

Misc Options

-C, --crlf (Use CRLF as EOL)

This option tells Ncat to convert LF line endings to CRLF when taking input from standard input. This is useful for talking to some stringent servers directly from a terminal in one of the many common plain-text protocols that use CRLF for end-of-line.

-h, --help (Help screen)

Displays a short help screen with common options and parameters, and then exits.

--recv-only (Only receive data)

If this option is passed, Ncat will only receive data and will not try to send anything.

--send-only (Only send data)

If this option is passed, then Ncat will only send data and will ignore anything received. This option also causes Ncat to close the network connection and terminate after EOF is received on standard input.

--no-shutdown (Do not shutdown into half-duplex mode)

If this option is passed, Ncat will not invoke shutdown on a socket after seeing EOF on stdin. This is provided for backward-compatibility with OpenBSD netcat, which exhibits this behavior when executed with its '-d' option.

-n, --nodns (Do not resolve hostnames)

Completely disable hostname resolution across all Ncat options, such as the destination, source address, source routing hops, and the proxy. All addresses must be specified numerically. (Note that resolution of proxy destinations is controlled separately via option --proxy-dns.)

-t, --telnet (Answer Telnet negotiations)

Handle DO/DONT WILL/WONT Telnet negotiations. This makes it possible to script Telnet sessions with Ncat.

--version (Display version)

Displays the Ncat version number and exits.

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