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Nmap Network Scanning

Timing and Performance Options

--delay <time> (Delay between probes)

This option lets you control for how long will Nping wait before sending the next probe. Like in many other ping tools, the default delay is one second. <time> must be a positive integer or floating point number. By default it is specified in seconds, however you can give an explicit unit by appending ms for milliseconds, s for seconds, m for minutes, or h for hours (e.g. 2.5s, 45m, 2h).

--rate <rate> (Send probes at a given rate)

This option specifies the number of probes that Nping should send per second. This option and --delay are inverses; --rate 20 is the same as --delay 0.05. If both options are used, only the last one in the parameter list counts.

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