TCP/IP Reference

This book assumes basic familiarity with TCP/IP and networking concepts. You won't find a primer on the OSI seven-layer model or a rundown of the Berkeley Socket API within these pages. For a comprehensive guide to TCP/IP, I recommend The TCP/IP Guide by Charles Kozierok or the old classic TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume I by W. Richard Stevens.

While TCP/IP familiarity is expected, even the best of us occasionally forget byte offsets for packet header fields and flags. This section provides quick reference diagrams and field descriptions for the IPv4, TCP, UDP, and ICMP protocols. These beautiful diagrams are used by permission of author Matt Baxter.

Figure 1. IPv4 header
IPv4 header

Figure 2. TCP header
TCP header

Figure 3. UDP header
UDP header

Figure 4. ICMP header
ICMP header