Command-line Options

Being a graphical application, most of Zenmap's functionality is exposed through its graphical interface. Zenmap's command-line options are given here for completeness and because they are sometimes useful. In particular, it's good to know that the command zenmap <results file> starts Zenmap with the results in <results file> already open.


zenmap [ <options> ] [ <results file> ]

Options Summary

If Zenmap happens to crash, it normally helps you send a bug report with a stack trace. Set the environment variable ZENMAP_DEVELOPMENT (the value doesn't matter) to disable automatic crash reporting and have errors printed to the console. Try the Bash shell command ZENMAP_DEVELOPMENT=1 zenmap -v -v -v to get a useful debugging output.

On Windows, standard error is redirected to the file zenmap.exe.log in the same directory as zenmap.exe rather than being printed to the console.