Summary of the Nmap usage scene in the movie "13: Game of Death"

This is a summary of the Nmap usage scene in the movie 13: Game of Death. Thanks to Ithilgore for writing this and also sending screenshots. For the screenshots and more info, see the Nmap Movies page.

I saw the movie you mentioned in the list, "13: Game of Death" and have confirmed the nmap sighting. The story goes something like this:

There is this guy, the protagonist who loses his job near the beginning of the movie and is on the brink of total poverty, when some strange men call him and offer him a great amount of money in exchange for his participating in their secret game. However this involves doing several acts of horrible and gross things, many of which are crimes. There is also this woman friend of his, who works as a system administrator at the company he was fired from. At some point, she finds out about the name of the deadly "game" he is involved with and tries to collect more info on that. So she first googles the name of the game and after she finds that they have a website called she launches Nmap :) and scans both TCP and UDP ports. She uses a windows version of Nmap since the workstation she is at is a Windows XP one, as shown from the pictures. The scan results show an open port for Remote Administration and she then tries to brute force the password. The 13game guys, however, detect her intrusion and let her think she succeeded at the hack attempt by allowing her as a trusted user with the BlackIce Security System (ibm). (pictures included)

After the supposedly successful hack, they remove the site from the internet so that when she later goes to testify to the police about the illegality of it, she has no solid proof about it. (another thing is that the law enforcement was actually controlled from the 13game guys)