Transcript of Nmap usage scene in The Bourne Ultimatum

This is a transcript of the Nmap usage scene in The Bourne Ultimatum. Thanks to Roger Chui for being the first to spot the Nmap scene and sending this description as well as screenshots. For the screenshots and more info, see the Nmap in the News page

Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 02:42:18 -0500
From: Roger Chui
To: Fyodor
Subject: RE: Nmap in Bourne Ultimatum

No other scenes clearly show Nmap in use, but here's a wider shot that shows the screen that has Nmap and UMIT running on it.

What's going on is that details about the secret program the CIA team is part of, codenamed Blackbriar, have apparently been leaked to a British reporter named Simon Ross, who works for a newspaper called The Guardian. Simon Ross was sniped by an Blackbriar operative after meeting with Jason Bourne at Waterloo station in London, England. They got video of Bourne assisting Ross through London's extensive CCTV system, so they are trying to see if Bourne is the source of the leak.

In this scene, they've used Nmap and UMIT to scan interesting ports of the Guardian's mailserver, and probably have used some sort of exploit in Postfix to dump emails from the reporter's account.

Pam Landy is a CIA head who believes Bourne is not the source - after all she knows Bourne from the previous movie, and Noah Vosen is a Deputy Director at the CIA who is heading the Blackbriar project.

Here's the transcript for that scene...

                        CIA TECH
        Sir, I think we have something. We
        just hacked Ross's email account at
        the Guardian, and found roundtrip
        tickets to Turin, Italy.
(0:33:15 - Camera close up on screen showing a dumped e-mail from the
reporter's email account.)
        Yesterday, 0800 arrival, 1205 departure.

                        PAM LANDY
        Well I think we can be pretty certain
        that Bourne is not your source then.

                        NOAH VOSEN

                        PAM LANDY
        Ross's call to his editor where he said
        he just met the source took place just
        after his Turin flight landing. He met
        his source in Turin.

                        NOAH VOSEN

                        PAM LANDY
        What, so ... what, Bourne met Ross in
        Turin for breakfast and then at noon
        the same day Bourne calls Ross to
        demand to meet at Waterloo?

                        TOM CRONIN
        (Sarcastically) Maybe they were even on
        the same flight.

                        NOAH VOSEN
        I want everything you've got.
        Cross check the secure cell phone usage
        of everyone with a CI clearance against
        all calls going in and out of Turin,
        Italy the morning Ross was there.

(0:33:44 - Camera angle shows whole room view. Projector screen at left
shows Nmap, UMIT, and some Bash terminals. Center screen shows Simon Ross's
CIA dossier.)

                        PAM LANDY
        The guy you're after is a CIA operative
        with clearance above top secret, he's
        committing treason by talking to Ross.
        You really think while doing that he's
        gonna use a cell phone that he knows we
        can track?
                       CIA TECH 2
        Zero results on the cross-check.

                        TEAM LEADER
        So you got any better ideas?

                        PAM LANDY
        Yeah, look at all the people whose cell
        phones were switched off the entire
        period Ross was in Turin. If your
        people are on their phones as much as
        mine the list should be pretty small.