Nmap works well with most common UNIX operating systems. The primary focus of Nmap development is on free operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD). Solaris is also a first-tier supported platform because Sun now offers source code to their OS, and also because the Sun GESS Security Team sent me a new Ultra workstation. Thanks guys! If Apple, HP, SGI, or IBM want better support, we'd be happy to accept a machine for testing. Just mail me at fyodor@nmap.org. Or you can have one of your engineers create the patches and send them to me for incorporation.

Besides the first-tier supported platforms above, many people have reported success with various versions of Mac OS X, SunOS, HP-UX, AIX, Digital UNIX, and Cray UNICOS.

Thanks to the hard work of Ryan Permeh (from eEye), Andy Lutomirski, and Jens Vogt, Nmap now supports Windows (all recent flavors). Windows binaries are available on the download page, or you can compile the source code with Visual C++. Win32 compilation instructions are available in the README-WIN32 file distributed with Nmap.

Windows coders: We would love to have your help in making the Windows port a success. If you would like to contribute, please join the Nmap-dev list by sending a blank email to dev-subscribe@nmap.org .