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Thanks To / Credits

I would like to recognize some of the people who have been instrumental in the success of Nmap! I'm sure I am forgetting many important contributors (feel free to email me), but here is a short list:
  • The many people who have sent in useful feedback about nmap.
  • Jason Milgram for donating the Nmap.Com domain name to the project. Check out his new allAware project, a secure communications platform hosted on mainframes running Linux Virtual Servers and utilizing grid technology.
  • Lamont Granquist <lamontg&at&u.washington.edu> for autoconfing nmap and porting it to several systems that I didn't have access to. Nmap would not be NEARLY as portable without his help. Lamont also sent in a number of patches to work around verious issues with Solaris, IRIX, and others.
  • Bdale Garbee <bdale&at&gag.com> is the maintainer of the nmap package for Debian GNU/Linux.
  • David O'Brien <obrien&at&FreeBSD.org> is the maintainer of the nmap package for FreeBSD. He has made nmap available in package format at ftp.freeBSD.org. I run FreeBSD on one of my machines at work and it an amazing operating system.
  • Ryan Permeh <Ryan&at&eeye.com> for doing the initial port of Nmap to Windows NT. While the code has been integrated (with changes) into base Nmap, we do not distribute binaries. But the eEye guys do at the NmapNT page.
  • Andy Lutomirski <Luto&at&mailandnews.com> is the Win32 Networking guru who made a bunch of improvements to the Win32 port. At the time of this writing, they have been integrated into the Nmap source base, but we are not yet distributing binaries.
  • //Stany <stany&at¬bsd.org> for providing major assitance in making nmap run well on Solaris.
  • Anthony For finding and fixing a number of portability issues in IRIX, Solaris 2.51, BSDI, etc. Damn this guy has a well-equipped lab :).
  • Arve Kjoelen <akjoele&at&siue.edu> for single-handedly writing the initial FreeBSD port.
  • Solar Designer <solar&at&false.com> for testing out some early code and for contributing many great ideas which have been incorporated into nmap. If you wish to DETECT port scans from programs such as nmap I recommend his Scanlogd port scan detector. Be sure and read the article prior to installing it! He also has written many other goodies -- see his security tools site for more info.
  • van Hauser <vh&at&reptile.rug.ac.be> for putting nmap through some grueling tests which fleshed out a few bugs. You might also be interested in van Hauser's useful system prober which utilizes nmap and comes as part of his Unix Hacking tools package.
  • Matthew Franz <mdfranz&at&txdirect.net> for creating the excellent Trinux Linux floppy distribution. It contains Nmap along with a bunch of other cool network tools.
  • Marc <marc&at&sniff.ct-net.de> for submitting patches to correct byte order peculiarities in some versions of BSD.
  • Coder <coder&at&reptile.rug.ac.be> for helping test nmap since before it was ever released and providing loads of feedback.
  • Steve McCanne, Craig Leres, and Van Jacobson of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Network Research Group for writing the packet capturing library nmap uses (libpcap). This allows nmap to be much more portable than it would be otherwise. Note that the version which comes with nmap is modified slightly (by me).
  • Klaus Steding-Jessen <jessen&at&ahand.unicamp.br> for submitting a patch to version 1.25 to skip the initial ping test. This has been incorporated into later releases of nmap. I implemented his patch in my own way, so bugs are still my fault.
  • Everyone who contributed OS fingerprints -- you can find them in the nmap-os-fingerprints file distributed with nmap.

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