OS/Service Fingerprint and Correction Submission Page

Thanks for visiting the fingerprint submission page! We greatly appreciate OS and service fingerprint submissions and corrections, as they are the only way we could ever hope to collect such a diverse database of thousands of operating systems and applications.

Submitting new (undetected) OS or service fingerprints:

Sometimes Nmap is completely unable to determine the OS of a target machine or version details of a service, so it spits out an OS or service fingerprint. If you know what is actually running, please submit the fingerprint with the appropriate form:

Submitting corrections when OS detection guesses wrong

Occasionally Nmap will report an OS guess which you know is wrong. The errors are usually minor (such as reporting a machine running Linux 2.4.16 as "Linux kernel 2.4.8 - 2.4.15"), but there have been reports of Nmap being completely off (such as reporting your web server as an Applewriter printer). When you encounter such problems (minor or major), please report them so everyone can benefit. The only reason the Nmap DB is so comprehensive is that thousands of users have spent a few minutes each to submit new information. Please report corrections as described on the Nmap OS detection correction page

Submitting corrections when version detection guesses wrong

If the Nmap version detection results for a target host are wrong (even just slightly), please notify us so that everyone can benefit from the correction. We have posted simple instructions for correcting inaccurate version detection results.

Thanks for contributing to the Nmap community and helping to make OS and version detection even better!