Library dhcp6

Minimalistic DHCP6 (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6) implementation supporting basic DHCP6 Solicit requests The library is structured around the following classes:

  • DHCP6.Option - DHCP6 options encoders (for requests) and decoders (for responses)
  • DHCP6.Request - DHCP6 request encoder and decoder
  • DHCP6.Response - DHCP6 response encoder and decoder
  • Helper - The helper class, primary script interface

The following sample code sends a DHCP6 Solicit request and returns a response suitable for script output:

  local helper = DHCP6.Helper:new("eth0")
  local status, response = helper:solicit()
  if ( status ) then
     return stdnse.format_output(true, response)


  • Patrik Karlsson <>