Library eap

EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) library supporting a limited subset of features.

The library was designed and tested against hostapd v0.6.10 The EAP protocol names are the ones specified in:

Scripts can use the library to start an eap session and then to send identity and nak responses to identity and authentication requests made by AP authenticators to analyze their behaviour.

The following sample code illustrates how to respond to an identity request:

pcap:pcap_open(iface.device, 512, true, "ether proto 0x888e")
local _, _, l2_data, l3_data, _ = pcap:pcap_receive()
local packet = eap.parse(l2_data .. l3_data3)
if packet then
  if packet.eap.type == eap.eap_t.IDENTITY and  packet.eap.code == eap.code_t.REQUEST then
    eap.send_identity_response(iface,, "anonymous")


  • Riccardo Cecolin <>

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