Script allseeingeye-info

Script types: portrule
Categories: discovery, safe, version

Script Summary

Detects the All-Seeing Eye service. Provided by some game servers for querying the server's status.

The All-Seeing Eye service can listen on a UDP port separate from the main game server port (usually game port + 123). On receiving a packet with the payload "s", it replies with various game server status info.

When run as a version detection script (-sV), the script will report on the game name, version, actual port, and whether it has a password. When run explicitly (--script allseeingeye-info), the script will additionally report on the server name, game type, map name, current number of players, maximum number of players, player information, and various other information.

For more info on the protocol see: (relevant files: games.ini, packets.ini, ase.php)

Example Usage

  • nmap -sV <target>
  • nmap -Pn -sU -sV --script allseeingeye-info -p <port> <target>

Script Output

27138/udp open  allseeingeye udp-response All-Seeing Eye (game: chrome; port: 27015; no password)
| allseeingeye-info:
|   game: chrome
|   port: 27015
|   server name: ChromeNet Server
|   game type: Team Death Match
|   map: Data/LevelsNet/Narrow/
|   version:
|   passworded: 0
|   num players: 2
|   max players: 16
|   settings:
|     Dedicated: No
|     Password Required: No
|     Time Limit: 30
|     Points Limit: 200 min.
|     Respawns Limit: unlimited
|     Respawn Delay: 10 sec.
|     Enemies Visible On Map: No
|     Available Inventory Room: Yes
|     Identify Enemy Players: No
|     Available Vehicles: Yes
|     Vehicle Respaws Limit: unlimited
|     Vehicle Respawn Delay: 30 sec.
|     Vehicle Auto Return Time: 90 sec.
|     Vehicles Visible On Map: Yes
|     Team Balance: Off
|     Friendly Fire: On
|     Friends Visible On Map: Yes
|   players:
|     player 0:
|       name: NoVoDondo
|       team: BLUE
|       skin:
|       score: 71
|       ping: 0
|       time:
|     player 1:
|       name: HeroX
|       team: RED
|       skin:
|       score: 0
|       ping: 11
|_      time:



  • Marin Maržić

License: Same as Nmap--See