Script broadcast-hid-discoveryd

Script types: prerule
Categories: discovery, broadcast, safe

Script Summary

Discovers HID devices on a LAN by sending a discoveryd network broadcast probe.

For more information about HID discoveryd, see:

Script Arguments


socket timeout (default: 5s)


address to which the probe packet is sent. (default:

max-newtargets, newtargets

See the documentation for the target library.

Example Usage

  • nmap --script broadcast-hid-discoveryd
  • nmap --script broadcast-hid-discoveryd --script-args timeout=15s

Script Output

Pre-scan script results:
| broadcast-hid-discoveryd:
|   MAC: 00:06:8E:00:00:00; Name: NoEntry; IP Address:; Model: EH400; Version: (04/23/2012)
|   MAC: 00:06:8E:FF:FF:FF; Name: NoExit; IP Address:; Model: EH400; Version: (04/23/2012)
|_  Use --script-args=newtargets to add the results as targets



  • Brendan Coles

License: Same as Nmap--See