Script broadcast-wsdd-discover

Script types: prerule
Categories: broadcast, safe

Script Summary

Uses a multicast query to discover devices supporting the Web Services Dynamic Discovery (WS-Discovery) protocol. It also attempts to locate any published Windows Communication Framework (WCF) web services (.NET 4.0 or later).

Script Arguments

max-newtargets, newtargets

See the documentation for the target library.

Example Usage

sudo ./nmap --script broadcast-wsdd-discover

Script Output

| broadcast-wsdd-discover:
|   Devices
|         Message id: 9ea97e41-e874-faa7-fe28-deadbeefceb3
|         Address:
|         Type: Device wprt:PrintDeviceType
|         Message id: 4d971368-291c-1218-30f1-deadbeefceb3
|         Address:
|         Type: Device pub:Computer
|         Message id: f5a25a38-d61c-49e5-96c4-deadbeefceb3
|         Address:
|         Type: Device pub:Computer
|   WCF Services
|         Message id: c1767df8-43e5-4440-9e26--deadbeefceb3
|_        Address: http://win-7:8090/discovery/scenarios/service2/deadbeef-3382-4668-86e7-deadbeefb935/



  • Patrik Karlsson

License: Same as Nmap--See