Script hostmap-bfk

Script types: hostrule
Categories: external, discovery

Script Summary

Discovers hostnames that resolve to the target's IP address by querying the online database at

The script is in the "external" category because it sends target IPs to a third party in order to query their database.

This script was formerly (until April 2012) known as hostmap.nse.

Script Arguments


If set, saves the output for each host in a file called "<prefix><target>". The file contains one entry per line.


If set, add the new hostnames to the scanning queue. This the names presumably resolve to the same IP address as the original target, this is only useful for services such as HTTP that can change their behavior based on hostname.


See the documentation for the slaxml library., http.max-body-size, http.max-cache-size, http.max-pipeline, http.pipeline, http.truncated-ok, http.useragent

See the documentation for the http library.


See the documentation for the target library.

smbdomain, smbhash, smbnoguest, smbpassword, smbtype, smbusername

See the documentation for the smbauth library.

Example Usage

nmap --script hostmap-bfk --script-args hostmap-bfk.prefix=hostmap- <targets>

Script Output

Host script results:
| hostmap-bfk:
|   hosts:



  • Ange Gutek

License: Same as Nmap--See