Script http-cors

Script types: portrule
Categories: default, discovery, safe

Script Summary

Tests an http server for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), a way for domains to explicitly opt in to having certain methods invoked by another domain.

The script works by setting the Access-Control-Request-Method header field for certain enumerated methods in OPTIONS requests, and checking the responses.

Script Arguments


The path to request. Defaults to /.


The origin used with requests. Defaults to


See the documentation for the slaxml library., http.max-body-size, http.max-cache-size, http.max-pipeline, http.pipeline, http.truncated-ok, http.useragent

See the documentation for the http library.

smbdomain, smbhash, smbnoguest, smbpassword, smbtype, smbusername

See the documentation for the smbauth library.

Example Usage

nmap -p 80 --script http-cors <target>

Script Output

80/tcp open
|_cors.nse: GET POST OPTIONS



  • Toni Ruottu

License: Same as Nmap--See