Script http-devframework

Script types: portrule
Categories: discovery, intrusive

Script Summary

Tries to find out the technology behind the target website.

The script checks for certain defaults that might not have been changed, like common headers or URLs or HTML content.

While the script does some guessing, note that overall there's no way to determine what technologies a given site is using.

You can help improve this script by adding new entries to nselib/data/http-devframework-fingerprints.lua

Each entry must have:

  • rapidDetect - Callback function that is called in the beginning
of detection process. It takes the host and port of target website as arguments.
  • consumingDetect - Callback function that is called for each
spidered page. It takes the body of the response (HTML code) and the requested path as arguments.

Note that the consumingDetect callback will not take place only if rapid option is enabled.

Script Arguments


File containing fingerprints. Default: nselib/data/http-devframework-fingerprints.lua


boolean value that determines if a rapid detection should take place. The main difference of a rapid vs a lengthy detection is that second one requires crawling through the website. Default: false (lengthy detection is performed)


See the documentation for the slaxml library.

httpspider.doscraping, httpspider.maxdepth, httpspider.maxpagecount, httpspider.noblacklist, httpspider.url, httpspider.useheadfornonwebfiles, httpspider.withindomain, httpspider.withinhost

See the documentation for the httpspider library., http.max-body-size, http.max-cache-size, http.max-pipeline, http.pipeline, http.truncated-ok, http.useragent

See the documentation for the http library.

smbdomain, smbhash, smbnoguest, smbpassword, smbtype, smbusername

See the documentation for the smbauth library.

Example Usage

nmap -p80 --script http-devframework.nse <target>

Script Output

80/tcp open  http    syn-ack
|_http-devframework: Django detected. Found Django admin login page on /admin/



  • George Chatzisofroniou

License: Same as Nmap--See