Script impress-remote-discover

Script types: portrule
Categories: intrusive, brute

Script Summary

Tests for the presence of the LibreOffice Impress Remote server. Checks if a PIN is valid if provided and will bruteforce the PIN if requested.

When a remote first contacts Impress and sends a client name and PIN, the user must open the "Slide Show -> Impress Remote" menu and enter the matching PIN at the prompt, which shows the client name. Subsequent connections with the same client name may then use the same PIN without user interaction. If no PIN has been set for the session, each PIN attempt will result in a new prompt in the "Impress Remote" menu. Brute-forcing the PIN, therefore, requires that the user has entered a PIN for the same client name, and will result in lots of extra prompts in the "Impress Remote" menu.

Script Arguments


String value of the client name (default is Firefox OS).


No value needed (default is false).

PIN number for the remote (default is 0000).

Example Usage

nmap -p 1599 --script impress-remote-discover <host>

Script Output

PORT     STATE SERVICE        Version
1599/tcp open  impress-remote LibreOffice Impress remote
| impress-remote-discover:
|   Impress Version:
|   Remote PIN: 0000
|_  Client Name used: Firefox OS



  • Jer Hiebert

License: Same as Nmap--See