Script ip-geolocation-maxmind

Script types: hostrule
Categories: discovery, external, safe

Script Summary

Tries to identify the physical location of an IP address using a Geolocation Maxmind database file (available from This script supports queries using all Maxmind databases that are supported by their API including the commercial ones.

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Script Arguments


string indicates which file to use as a Maxmind database

Example Usage

nmap --script ip-geolocation-maxmind <target> [--script-args ip-geolocation.maxmind_db=<filename>]

Script Output

| ip-geolocation-maxmind:
| coordinates: 39.4899, -74.4773
|_location: Absecon, Philadelphia, PA, United States



  • Gorjan Petrovski

License: Same as Nmap--See