Script ipv6-multicast-mld-list

Script types: prerule
Categories: broadcast, discovery

Script Summary

Uses Multicast Listener Discovery to list the multicast addresses subscribed to by IPv6 multicast listeners on the link-local scope. Addresses in the IANA IPv6 Multicast Address Space Registry have their descriptions listed.

Script Arguments


timeout to wait for responses (default: 10s)


Interface to send on (default: the interface specified with -e or every available Ethernet interface with an IPv6 address.)

Example Usage

nmap --script=ipv6-multicast-mld-list

Script Output

Pre-scan script results:
| ipv6-multicast-mld-list:
|   fe80::9fb:25b7:1b7c:e53:
|     device: wlan0
|     mac: 38:60:77:3d:b1:ec
|     multicast_ips:
|       ff02::1:ff7c:e53          (NDP Solicited-node)
|       ff02::fb                  (mDNSv6)
|       ff02::c                   (SSDP)
|_      ff02::1:3                 (Link-local Multicast Name Resolution)



  • alegen
  • Daniel Miller

License: Same as Nmap--See