Script netbus-info

Script types: portrule
Categories: default, discovery, safe

Script Summary

Opens a connection to a NetBus server and extracts information about the host and the NetBus service itself.

The extracted host information includes a list of running applications, and the hosts sound volume settings.

The extracted service information includes its access control list (acl), server information, and setup. The acl is a list of IP addresses permitted to access the service. Server information contains details about the server installation path, restart persistence, user account that the server is running on, and the amount of connected NetBus clients. The setup information contains configuration details, such as the services TCP port number, traffic logging setting, password, an email address for receiving login notifications, an email address used for sending the notifications, and an smtp-server used for notification delivery.

Script Arguments


The password used for authentication

Example Usage

nmap -p 12345 --script netbus-info <target> --script-args netbus-info.password=<password>

Script Output

12345/tcp open  netbus
| netbus-info:
|   ACL
|     PuTTY Configuration
|   INFO
|     Program Path: Z:\home\joeuser\Desktop\Patch.exe
|     Restart persistent: Yes
|     Login ID: joeuser
|     Clients connected to this host: 1
|     TCP-port: 12345
|     Log traffic: 1
|     Password: password123
|     Notify to:
|     Notify from:
|     SMTP-server:
|     Wave: 0
|     Synth: 0
|_    Cd: 0



  • Toni Ruottu

License: Same as Nmap--See