Script pcworx-info

Script types: portrule
Categories: discovery

Script Summary

This NSE script will query and parse pcworx protocol to a remote PLC. The script will send a initial request packets and once a response is received, it validates that it was a proper response to the command that was sent, and then will parse out the data. PCWorx is a protocol and Program by Phoenix Contact.

Example Usage

nmap --script pcworx-info -p 1962 <host>

Script Output

| pcworx-info:
|   PLC Type: ILC 330 ETH
|   Model Number: 2737193
|   Firmware Version: 3.95T
|   Firmware Date: Mar  2 2012
|_  Firmware Time: 09:39:02



  • Stephen Hilt (Digital Bond)

License: Same as Nmap--See


action (host, port)

Action Function that is used to run the NSE. This function will send the initial query to the host and port that were passed in via nmap. The initial response is parsed to determine if host is a pcworx Protocol device. If it is then more actions are taken to gather extra information.


Host that was scanned via nmap
port that was scanned via nmap