Script rusers

Script types: portrule
Categories: discovery, safe

Script Summary

Connects to rusersd RPC service and retrieves a list of logged-in users.

Script Arguments

mount.version, nfs.version, rpc.protocol

See the documentation for the rpc library.

Example Usage

nmap -sV --script=rusers <target>

Script Output

| USER     ON        FROM  SINCE                IDLE
| LOGIN    console         2015-11-08T12:03:50  8h55m58s
| root     console   :0    2015-11-08T12:06:49  8h55m58s
| root     pts/2     :0.0  2015-11-08T12:07:06  2d02h51m48s
| .telnet  /dev/pts        2016-03-14T12:07:46  24855d03h14m07s
| .telnet  /dev/pts        2016-03-14T10:25:09  24855d03h14m07s
| .telnet  /dev/pts        2016-03-03T10:02:15  24855d03h14m07s
| root     pts/4           2016-03-07T09:21:14  1m48s
| root     pts/3     ns3   2016-02-16T09:45:24  35s
| root     pts/4     ns3   2016-02-16T09:26:01  1m48s
|_.telnet  /dev/pts        2016-03-03T10:01:32  24855d03h14m07s



  • Daniel Miller

License: Same as Nmap--See