Script targets-ipv6-multicast-mld

Script types: prerule
Categories: discovery, broadcast

Script Summary

Attempts to discover available IPv6 hosts on the LAN by sending an MLD (multicast listener discovery) query to the link-local multicast address (ff02::1) and listening for any responses. The query's maximum response delay set to 1 to provoke hosts to respond immediately rather than waiting for other responses from their multicast group.

Script Arguments


Interface to send on (default: the interface specified with -e or every available Ethernet interface with an IPv6 address.)


timeout to wait for responses (default: 10s)

max-newtargets, newtargets

See the documentation for the target library.

Example Usage

nmap -6 --script=targets-ipv6-multicast-mld.nse --script-args 'newtargets,interface=eth0'

Script Output

Pre-scan script results:
| targets-ipv6-multicast-mld:
|   IP: fe80::5a55:abcd:ef01:2345  MAC: 58:55:ab:cd:ef:01  IFACE: en0
|   IP: fe80::9284:0123:4567:89ab  MAC: 90:84:01:23:45:67  IFACE: en0
|_  Use --script-args=newtargets to add the results as targets



  • niteesh
  • alegen

License: Same as Nmap--See