Script tn3270-screen

Script types: portrule
Categories: safe, discovery

Script Summary

Connects to a tn3270 'server' and returns the screen.

Hidden fields will be listed below the screen with (row, col) coordinates.

Script Arguments


a semi-colon separated list of commands you want to issue before printing the screen specify a logical unit you with to use, fails if can't connect tn3270-screen.disable_tn3270e disables TN3270 Enhanced mode

Example Usage

nmap --script tn3270-info,tn3270_screen <host>

Script Output

23/tcp   open   tn3270          Telnet TN3270
| tn3270-screen:
|  screen:
|  Mainframe Operating System                              z/OS V1.6
|          FFFFF  AAA  N   N      DDDD  EEEEE      ZZZZZ H   H  III
|          F     A   A NN  N      D   D E             Z  H   H   I
|          FFFF  AAAAA N N N      D   D EEEE         Z   HHHHH   I
|          F     A   A N  NN      D   D E           Z    H   H   I
|          F     A   A N   N      DDDD  EEEEE      ZZZZZ H   H  III
|                         ZZZZZ      / OOOOO  SSSS
|                            Z      /  O   O S
|                           Z      /   O   O  SSS
|                          Z      /    O   O     S
|                         ZZZZZ  /     OOOOO SSSS
|                   Welcome to Fan DeZhi Mainframe System!
|                       Support:
|          TSO      - Logon to TSO/ISPF        NETVIEW  - Netview System
|          CICS     - CICS System              NVAS     - Netview Access
|          IMS      - IMS System               AOF      - Netview Automation
| Enter your choice==>
| Hi! Enter one of above commands in red.
|_Your IP(   :64199), SNA LU(        )       05/30/15 13:33:37



  • Philip Young aka Soldier of Fortran

License: Same as Nmap--See