Script url-snarf

Script types: prerule
Categories: safe

Script Summary

Sniffs an interface for HTTP traffic and dumps any URLs, and their originating IP address. Script output differs from other script as URLs are written to stdout directly. There is also an option to log the results to file.

The script can be limited in time by using the timeout argument or run until a ctrl+break is issued, by setting the timeout to 0.

Script Arguments


filename to which all discovered URLs are written


runs the script until the timeout is reached. a timeout of 0s can be used to run until ctrl+break. (default: 30s)


interface on which to sniff (overrides -e)


doesn't write any output to stdout while running

Example Usage

nmap --script url-snarf -e <interface>

Script Output

| url-snarf:
|_  Sniffed 169 URLs in 5 seconds



  • Patrik Karlsson

License: Same as Nmap--See